• Eric Patton

Eric Patton Empowers You To Be What God Created You to be

You Were Created for Greatness

The fact that you were born lets me know that you have a purpose. God put you here to fulfill your purpose. Don’t die without being all that you were called to be!!

You are here to help others

No man is an island. God created you to help others. When we get busy asking ourselves “How can I bless and help someone everyday?” Then things will begin to turn around for us.

Life Doesn’t Mean Anything Without Jesus

Remember this “If you meet and forget me you have lost nothing. If you meet and forget Jesus you have lost everything.”:

You Hold the Key to Life in Your Mouth.

When You Bless Others God Will Bless You

I believe in you so much that I can guarantee that when you put God first He will help you to overcome every obstacle that may come your way. God has a way of making things come together when it seems like all the pieces are broken beyond recognition. Put your total trust in Him and He will bring you out on top.

Why are some people successful and others are not? Successful people are who kept trying and failing until they succeeded. That’s who you are. You are a success. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Keep going until you win.

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